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Why Should Your Child Read 1 Book per Day?

Reading is essential for everyone, especially for kids. Reading to your child is not only a great bonding experience but also will help with your child’s development!

What are the benefits of reading 1 book per day?

One of the most known benefits would be your child’s cognitive development. By listening to you read a book out loud, not only does your child develop their listening skills, but also their comprehension skills! They will be able to associate picture-with-words and vice versa. Moreover, their language skills would also benefit from reading books as it expands their vocabulary.

“A study done back in the 2019 found that children under the age of 5 who read are exposed to 1.4mill more words than those who don’t.”

Reading 1 book per day also helps exercise your child’s attention span. Sitting down and reading helps them practice concentration and prolong their attention span. It might start out with a wandering toddler that will do anything but sitting still- but with time you’ll notice that reading regularly will get your child curious and eager to learn more!

Lastly, books also offer tons of imaginary characters and plots that sparks not only their creativity and feeds their imagination! The bonding time you spend reading with your child will help them develop their socio-emotional skills. Not only that, many books provide a gateway to real-world situations that are written to suit the age of your child- This is why it is important to have age appropriate books for your child to read! Lots of books teach your kids life lessons; lessons that teach them that there’s no such thing as monsters under their beds!

So be sure to read your child at least 1 book everyday and try and tweak their mind by asking open ended questions while you’re at it!


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